Resident Testimonials


Peaceful “country” location! Warm, clean, comfortable rooms. Cheerful helpful assistants – with medications, activities, meals, music, etc. etc.

​Good friends with similar “aging” problems. A good safe home!

I had lived a very busy life as an insurance salesman for about 26 years and before that I was employed in the textile industry for about 25 years in Franklin and Tilton New Hampshire I love the fact that I found out about this place and I’ve been privileged to meet so many friendly people here that have changed my life to an exciting time instead of a place to get old and still be lonely!

My mother was the visiting nurse in Franklin and through her I knew I had a place to retire too and I love it thank you for all the love and care you provide.

Bob Dorman

We like the fact that it is a very friendly community, the people seem to get along with one another. They are very helpful when they need to be. They are neat and clean people to be around. If you need a favor, they are there, What else could you ask for in a large community?

M & P

Being almost 100 and always having friends around keeping you active and watching out for you!

My wife has dementia and I can’t say enough about the loving and personal care given to her not only by the LNAs but by the entire Golden Crest staff, who are always looking out for her and her welfare. Also I appreciate all the support I received from everyone in my role as her caregiver. Thanks also to Kelly Fuller for always being available to listen to my issues and concerns. Great job!